Soapy Burger

A lot of concerns are well known by the consumer when it comes to meat production. More and more is published on its role as a major cause of the greenhouse effect. But the influence beef production has on water shortage is still very much underexposed. The production of one hamburger alone requires 2400 liters of water. We know people are generally willing to become more responsible with their daily water usage. For instance limiting the amount of showers and changing to more sustainable shower heads. Seemingly unaware that eating one hamburger less, one single hamburger, equals not taking a shower for two full months.


We found a way to create awareness and make above facts visible and tangible for everyone. Presenting: ‘Soapy Burger’! A bar of soap shaped like a burger that lasts exactly the amount of showers that’s required to produce a burger. Combining your favourite dish with an important message. While showering, it over time reduces in size. Slowly revealing its hidden message: “While using this bar of soap, you used the same amount of water needed to produce one hamburger. 2400 liters of water. You might want to skip that burger next time?”

We will confront people at a moment when they are literally consuming water, and at this particular moment it will hit them. Unexpectedly. Imagine them holding this piece of soap, thinking back of all the showers they used it… They will suddenly realize the enormous amount of water spent on one burger.